Traitorous Cretin to join forces with the dark side

February 3, 2009

It was easy to see this coming, with the way the dear soul had been effusively praising the recovery bill.

It looked like he had made a corageous stand before in making sure a Republican got in, but there’s no way to ensure that.

This bit of news doesn’t matter a whole lot, we couldn’t hold a fillibuster on anything anyways.  1 less Leftist republican in the caucus can’t be a totally bad event.

Also, Gabriel Malor reminds us that the New Hampshire governor never actually promised an Elephant in the first place.


“Nobody’s Perfect”

February 3, 2009

I wonder how long the Feds would let ME use that excuse

Best Super Bowl ad?

February 3, 2009

Ed Morrissey has a good roundup.  As a Steelers fan, you just can’t top the Mean Troy Coca-cola spot.